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Santa Visits Lutterworth

Santa and social distancing do not really go together at Christmas except when it’s a special D-Day. The occasion arose because the Lutterworth Rotary Club arranged Santa Sleigh events in Morrison’s car park and at the town square market during December in support of Lutterworth and District Age Concern and Rotary charities.

Photograph of the Lutterworth Rotary Club  Santa in Morrisons Car Park, 2020.

At the Morrison’s event ninety year old Derek Day asked if he could sit next to Santa because he had always wanted to as a child but never had the opportunity so Santa obliged as it was outside, only for a moment and Derek had waited patiently for over eight decades.


The Inspire Santa Sleigh has not been used before in a static role but due to Covid 19 Rotary’s main fund raising events, the Plant and Craft Fair, the Big Bike Ride and Santa Fun Run had all been cancelled so the Club was grateful to have the safe use of the Sleigh to raise funds and bring happiness to children (young and old). Out of the total of £700.00 raised 50 festive parcels will be given to the most vulnerable local pensioners, as nominated by Age Concern, to bring some Christmas cheer.


At the town market Rotary was supported by Neil Greene who provided a hog roast adjacent to the Santa Sleigh. Lutterworth Rotary Club would like to thank Morrison’s, the Town Council, Neil Greene, Plantool for the free use of a generator and Inspire for allowing Rotary to use their Santa Sleigh.