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Practical support for disabled refugees seeking to flee the war zone in Ukraine

The Rotary club of Uzharrod is co-ordinating a system where they are notified when vulnerable, disabled adults and children are trying to make the crossing from the Ukraine into Romania. With the support of two Romanian charities, People2people, and Caminul Felix, they have been able to collect disabled refugees and their families from Ukraine and bring them to Oradea in Romania, where they provide safe accommodation for them at Caminul Felix homes. Once there the refugees are given time to recover from their traumatic experiences, supported to register and identify where they wish to travel onto, or helped to find longer term accommodation in Oradea. Assistance is then given to help get them to these locations.

Two Melton Mowbray Rotarians, part of the Melton Enterprise Group, personally joined a night trip in a coach to the border recently to collect a group of thirty refugees, seven in wheelchairs, four blind and some with other disabilities. These people have been temporarily accommodated at Noble House, a Caminul Felix home.

The charities rely on donations to fund fuel and vehicle hire costs, as well as accommodation and food costs for the refugees. There are no specialist vehicles for disabilities available to the charities and people often have to be man-handled into vehicles to be transported. It is hoped that adapted minibuses may be funded and sourced in the near future.

The Melton club has a connection with the English charity Ability-unlocked which led them to spend seven days in Oradea with Pete Malkin from that charity, the two Romanian charities, together with the Rotary club of Oradea.

Lutterworth Rotary is seeking to support this effort.

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The Rotary Club of Lutterworth, Chartered 1953, Rotary District 1070.