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Disabled Sports at Rugby 2nd May

It was the 31st Rugby Sports Day for the Disabled with the organisation chaired by Mark Furber of Rugby Rotary Club

We (a team created from across Leicestershire by the Lutterworth Rotary Club) had a very enjoyable and a most successful day at Rugby with the team and helpers, unfortunately Mark Beeby our coach was unable to join us due to the ill health of his father, but his well trained Boccia players swept the field.

We had our best ever results and it was a a very sociable event for us all.  The team are all good friends and really support one another.

Our drivers - Martin Iliffe, Bernard Johnson, Roger Rose and John Howell provided lifts, with vehicles from the Lutterworth Volunteer Centre.

Carol Roberson and Brenda Parcell helped throughout the day.
We took 14 competitors to the games ( several had to leave early and are not in the photo.

Main Event Results                       Have a go Events

Table Tennis                                 Tree Bean Bag

1st    Ted Carter                              3rd    Neil Anstee

2nd   Jack Johnson


Kurling                                          Bagatelle

1st     Ted Carter                            1st   Elliott Hardman

2nd     Elliott Hardman


Boccia Ambulatory                      Bowl a Pig

1st     Nathan Smith                       1st    David Jarvis

                                                   2nd   Ted Carter

Boccia Wheelchair                      Crossbow

1st    Scott Keating                        2nd   Elliott Hardman

2nd    Bradley Norman

Calum Smith


Target Boccia Wheelchair

1st     Calum Smith

2nd    Bradley Norman

3rd     Yolande Hewitt


New Age Kurling

1st     Ted Carter

2nd    Elliott Hardman

Peter J Osborn
Lutterworth Rotary