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Lutterworth Rotary Club Member is elected to Town Counsel.

Photograph: Rotarian and Town Councillor, Val Cooper.

Lutterworth Rotary Club is proud to announce that our Club President Elect for 2021/22, Rotarian Val Cooper, has been elected as a Lutterworth Town Councellor. We extend every good wish to Val in this important role.



The 2020/21 Presidential Handover

Photograph: See script for explanation.Despite Covid-19, coronavirus, war, famine or flood, the work of Rotary International continues and with it the formalities of local clubs to change the club Presidents every year in July. It's certainly been a strange year for the out-going President, Sally Hollis, but she's carried through her duties with skill and good grace, adapted to technology in order to continue virtual meetings and now moves to the back benches for a well-earned period of 'relaxation', though knowing Sally, it will hardly be relaxed.

A virtual handover of the role took place quietly in the courtyard of the Greyhound Inn, Lutterworth, recently with the miniumum number required for the occasion present. In the photograph, left to right: David Ayres (incoming President), Val Cooper (President Elect for 2021/22), and Sally Hollis (Immediate Past-President). Standing at the rear of the photograph, Robert Egglestone, the club's host and proprietor at the Greyhound Inn, Lutterworth.


(The photograph was taken prior to social distancing regulations coming into force. Click Photo to enlarge)



The 2020 Lutterworth Big Spin

Photograph: Lady sat on exercise/spinning bike, laughing, with the quote "All finished. It certainly seemed like I'd cycled up a mountain, but it was good fun".


The 2019 Great Lutterworth Santa Fun Run

For a report on the 2019 Santa Fun Run CLICK HERE

Lutterworth Rotary Club supports The Malawi Bwengu Project

What a wonderful Christmas present for the pupils and staff. The Bwengu Projects is a small educational charity based in Rugby that has been working since 2005 to help improve access to and the quality of education in the mountainous northern district of Malawi in East Africa. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and schools in the rural north are generally very dilapidated with poor buildings & facilities and with classes often over 100. The charity is run by Tony & Sue Melia with their daughter Sam & her husband Rob. They have set up a very effective project based system that Lutterworth Rotary Club has supported for the last two years. We have, so far, financed the construction of class-room desks and have contributed funds to the feeding pro-gramme for orphans, of which there are 1 million in Mala-wi, mainly due to the ravages of HIV/Aids. Currently we are financing the building of a four cubicle toilet block for girls at the Luzi Secondary School. ...the ‘Luzi Loos’ project. What has been particularly impressive is that having committed the funds in mid September, the project is now virtually complete and we have been able to see progress at every stage. Bwengu Projects Malawi is very much a model for the sort of overseas project based development that the club is keen to support.

Photograph: Before and after photographs. The before photo shows an empty space. The after photograph shows a newly built tolilet block with two doors.


Little Faces School Receive Gifts from Lutterworth Rotary

Photograph: Woman posing with shoe boxes and gifts donated by Lutterworth Rotary.


We have recently received news from one of our members, Sally Searle, that the sixty shoe boxes filled with gifts for children have been received at the Little Faces School in Mombasa Kenya, together with teddies created by Elaine Turner's group of knitters plus 12 boxes for adults, which are not shown .

International Committee Report.




Photograph: Frank the Polio Mascot on the Bridge of Queen Elizabeth 2Frank the bear our ambassador for “Ending Polio” has recently returned from a three week cruise on “Queen Elizabeth” which started in Singapore travelling to Port Kelang and Penang in Malaysia.  From there he gained his sea legs before going to Colombo in Sri Lanka and travelling on to Victoria in the Seychelles having crossed the line meeting many people who were very interested in his “End Polio” jacket.  While on board he was introduced to the Captain before he went on to Mauritius and Reunion Island leaving the ship in Port Elizabeth where he went on a trip to a game reserve in South Africa. Cape Town was seen for the second time this year where he met yet more people who were interested in his jacket.

We, as a club, are proud of Frank in his ambassadorial role in broadcasting Rotary’s role in ending Polio Worldwide. 

Frank having just returned and still with itchy feet to do more travelling was taken to Cork in Ireland to meet their Rotary President and surprise, surprise met Anne Thompson who he had met earlier this year in South Africa at the Rotary Club of the Hibiscus Coast   ‘Margate and Uvongo’ meeting yet more friends.

What more can we ask of our ambassador to promote the eradication of Polio.

Peter J Osborn, Lutterworth Rotary.

Photograph: Frank visits Cork in the Republic of Ireland.