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  • The Glory of the Garden
  • Teddies exceed 5,000

Hazeland Court Project

The Glory of the Garden

Our England is a garden that is full of stately views,
Of borders beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues,
With statues on the terraces and peacocks strutting by;
But the Glory of the Garden lies in more than meets the eye.
Rudyard Kipling

Photograph: Hazeland Court, Lutterworth.

Hazeland Court, Lutterworth.

Photograph: Schoolboy trimming the hedges on the gardening project.Some vocational students from Lutterworth College Enterprise Centre, under the tutorage of Jane Beaumont from Lutterworth College, Elaine Turner, a Governor of the College and a Rotarian, together with husband George Turner and friend Tilly Yates are in the process of transforming part of the Hazeland Court garden into a place of produce, plants and tranquility for the residents of the sheltered accommodation in Guthlaxton Avenue.

The idea of involving these students is to give them the opportunity to gain a NOCN Award in Garden Horticulture and at the same time giving them an insight into working with volunteers in the Community and developing their interpersonal skills and confidence.

Lutterworth College Enterprise Centre with the support of Lutterworth Rotary Club have worked in a practical way enhancing the local environment and helped to raise awareness in the wider community of the good contribution  which young students have made over the last four years and hope to continue for many more.

The picture of Matt pruning the bush shows the shears bought by Lutterworth Rotary Club as part of their continued support of the Garden Project.

Peter J Osborn
Lutterworth Rotary


Photograph of a small boy with one of the Teddies provided by Lutterworth Rotary Club.February 2017.

The number of Teddies sent from Lutterworth to children around the world has now passed 6,436.

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