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WaterAid – Wishing Well


Lutterworth Rotary is proud to support WaterAid as one of its many charities. Robert Eggleston, owner of the Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth has allowed us to use his Well as a Wishing Well for WaterAid which they hope the public will support.Photograph: The well at the Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth. Click to view an enlargement.

In this country it is difficult to think of living without easy access to clean water merely by turning on a tap. In many of the poorest countries women and children spend hours each day walking miles to collect water, this water is usually dirty and unsafe to drink, but they have no alternative. Carrying heavy water containers is an exhausting task which takes up valuable time and energy, preventing women from doing other work and stopping children from going to school.

Without safe water and toilets, people find it impossible to escape the downward spiral of poverty and disease.

WaterAid is an International Non Profit Making Organisation – established in England in 1981 and is now seen working in more than 27 different countries in Africa – Asia and the Pacific Region.

Since 1981 almost 16 million people around the world now have safe water

Do visit the Well in Chapel Street near the Greyhound Coaching Inn entrance onto the main road.

Please give generously.

The Rotary Club of Lutterworth, Chartered 1953, Rotary District 1070.